Career@Jina AI


Jina AI is a Neural Search Company.

We are looking for top AI engineers, full-stack engineers, frontend developers, open-source evangelists, product managers and operating managers to join our team. There are specific requirements for each position. Please check the documents for details.

In general, we’d like you to:

We offer a very competitive package and multiple perks for top talents. Come and join us today! Send your resume to [email protected]

Office Locations

We also have few remote positions.

Company Culture

If we don’t like something, we change it and make it better.

General Advice for the Interview

We are fully committed to open-source. That means you can view all our code, commits, issues, PRs publicly. Hence, when we conduct the interview, we do expect you to have a certain understanding about our products, tech stack and vision.

Engineering Role: a Good Pull Request = a Good Cover Letter

ℹ️ A Pull Request is required for Engineering role applicants

Every tech interview involves some kind of code screening. We do it differently at Jina. Since we are completely open-source, it is a good way to evaluate your engineering skills based on your first Pull Request to Jina.

If you apply for one of our engineering roles, you can pick one project (Jina, Dashboard, Examples) and work on one bug or new feature. Submit your work via pull request and pass the CICD. Then we will review it.

Note that not only the code, but also the coding style, documentations, commit style, affect our evaluation.

A Good Starting Point

So what should you start to work on? Here are some good examples:

You are of couse not limited to this, choose your unique perspective and surprise us!

Don’t Over-Engineering

If you choose a very challenging task as the first pull request, it may take you too long and too much energy to finish. However, if you choose a very easy one, e.g. fixing a plural typo, then we can not fully evaluate your engineering skills.

It is your decision and wisdom to find a task at the proper size: proper enough to show your ability without overdoing it. Locking down the problem, estimating the difficulty and getting it done. This is the skillset we expect you to have.

Product, Operating and Evangelist Role: Tell us about your Understanding

We would like to hear from you about the feedback when using our products. Like really using it, not just looking at our screenshot or documentations. Following the PyPI install instruction or using Docker, either way you need to run the system by yourself. This is the basic requirement for our product related roles.

After playing with our products. We’d like to hear your feedback. What’s your view? What are the good and bad features? How can things be improved? What minimum resources (time & HR) do you need to get this done?

The more you can tell us, the more understanding we have about your skill set.

We are looking forward to having you onboard!

Submit your resume to [email protected]